Thursday, January 13, 2011

Volunteers Required

Volunteers Required - Can you help in the following areas, if so please contact Sister Ruksana on or 00 44 7522 252 681
1. Events - Volunteers Required to support in this area at various venue.
2. Students Representatives - Required to promote IOU within Student Bodies.
3. Writers - for Articles for Newsletter's for IOU, so if you have experience in     this area we would love to hear from you
4. Monthly Articles for Magazines - Especially, IOU from a woman's perspective.
5. Website - Developers, Programmers - To develop website for the IOU.
6. Facebook for UK  or a Blog Website - Creating and Managing this site area.
7. Donations - IOU How you can help or support this area, like raising funds.
8. Mosques/Local Communities - We need people who are responsible for these area or have contacts with decision making bodies within these areas to please come forward, or contact people responsible for these area for possible promotion.
If you have experience or can help in any area, I would love to you hear from you.  Maybe you have a particular skill that you feel would benefit the IOU, please do come forward and make suggestions, as any feedback would be greatly appreciated, please contact me on the above email address.
May Allah (SWT) guide us all in the right direction and path and and help us all to play our part for this noble cause, and we would be fulfilling our duties as Muslims for Dawah by spreading the message of Islam and helping others to seek knowledge - Ameen
Sister Ruksana


  1. Assalam O Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi WaBarakatuhu!

    Dear Sister in Islam,
    I'm working as a software engineering in a reputed company in Saudi Arabia Alhamdulillah! Although it has just been a year working and as junior(young) i still have a lot to learn both in terms of deen and dunya, i would like to apply my unique artistic IT Skills and also get my real brother and sisters involved. My sister can design websites and so can i. Both of us are artists, have won in competitions and can also design posters, flyers. We are really good in writing articles and advertisement and i have experience at University level being part of Islamic society raising funds for islamic library. I can also manage a website. Right now i give this time doing Dawaah on facebook and at work but i would like to increase this exposure to more people and gain more hasanaat Inshallah.

    Plan of action:
    I already have a serious team of volunteers available.
    Please let me know how can we help you(rather ourselves).

    Wassalam O Alaikum WaRahmatullahi WaBarakatuhu

    Muhammad Mujahid Al Islam

  2. muhammad zafarullah malikJanuary 15, 2011 at 12:14 AM

    it is a wonderful and a great gift for the UMMAH.

  3. i love in doing daawa thats why i am very interested n this online university