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Why is Home Schooling The Best Choice?

Why is Home Schooling The Best Choice?
By Sr. Zohra Sarwari


Asalamalakium Wa Rahamatullhe Wa Barakatuhu,

Is it because the parent has to be a teacher, parent, and friend all at the same time?  Is it because it is the most fun job for any parent?  Is it because the child gets to sleep until all hours?

The answer for me was none of the above.  When I decided to home school I did it for 1 reason only, and that was to raise my children to become pious, humble, hard-working, children with high values and morals.  I knew that on the Day of Judgment I would be responsible in answering for them to my Lord, and I kept reflecting on what would my answers be.  “I didn’t have time to raise my children the right way or I needed to work, or everyone did it that way, or it was too hard, etc.”  After I thought of all of the answers I realized none of them were sufficient for my Lord, for He was the All Aware.

So one day I decided to write down what I expected from my children when they turned 18, inshAllaah.  What would be some goals as a parent I hoped that they would achieve.  Now before you begin criticizing me on thinking about goals for my children- just remember every parent has goals for their children.  Many parents have goals that their children get straight A’s.  While other parents only push towards loving science so that they may become doctor’s, while other parents push towards being a musician, dancer, actor or actress.  Most of these parents nurture their children at the ages of 3 and up, and help them mold into what they want them to be as an adult….For example they take their kids to beauty pageants, acting classes, signing classes, golf classes, etc.

I decided I too wanted to be one of those parents but what was it that I wanted my child to be like inshAllaah.

1.  To remember Allaah (SWT) at all times.

2.  To have a high moral.  To be able to make good choices when no one was looking.

3.  To have good values as taught in Islam to us.  No mocking people, backbiting, lying, cheating, etc.

4.  To pray 5 times a day on time, and wake up for tajjud- inshAllaah.

5.  To fast Monday’s and Thursday’s inshAllaah.

There are many more reasons, and I will be discussing all of that in my new book coming out inshAllaah about Home Schooling.

So my point is that I began to write a list, and then decided which method of education would help me achieve it.  I crossed off public school, I tried Private School, and was disappointed in the other parents.  So I began to look at Montessori style, charter school, etc.  I realized that I still had many restrictions with them still…so as a woman who never imagined that I would stay home and teach my own children, I made that decision.  If these are my goals, than I have to do most of the work, or hire teachers to help these goals come true inshAllaah.

So it began with the end in mind, that I have to answer to Allaah on how my kids turn out.  Ofcourse we don’t have full control over that, but I just wanted to do my best, inshAllaah.  Next, how to make the most out of homeschooling, inshAllaah.

So my answer to the question above why is home schooling the best choice – is because you have so much control on how you want to raise your child.  You have the ability to inspire them to become great leaders, help them follow their passion, for example my daughter wants to be a zoologist, and so I am allowing her to read books on animals, and to learn more about it, inshAllaah.

I hope that this has helped you.  InshAllaah my new book will be coming out soon, called “The Power of Home Schooling” In that book I will have many great stories, tips, and how you too can home school your children inshAllaah….

Jazak Allaah Khairan,

Your sister Zohra

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