Saturday, March 19, 2011

Islamic Online University India Branch.

GOOD NEWS for BAIS Students in India – Admission Process Made Easy Now

Assalamu Alaikum IOU Students,

We are pleased to announce to the Indian students of  the IOU BAIS
degree program that as part of the efforts to make the process of
admission easier we have now simplified the attestation procedure for
Indian students.

Students will no longer have to bear the burden of MEA attestation
process. A notarized color photocopy will suffice. IOU India HQ office
will verify the documents and forward them to IOU Qatar office.

So now all you need to do is get a color photocopy (not the original
document itself) notarized and attested by a Gazetted Officer (as a
true copy). This notarized and attested color photocopy should be sent
to the below address by courier or postal service

IOU India
c/o Enlighten Educational Society
23-2-94, Urdu Ghar Ist Floor, Moghalpura,
Hyderabad, Pin Code – 500002,
Andhra Pradesh, India.

To further speed up the process of admission, applicants may upload
scans of the HSC without the attestation stamps. Provisional admission
will be given to applicants and they may proceed to pay the fees.
Simultaneously they should send the attested color photocopy to the
IOU India HQ. IOU India HQ will verify the documents and forward them
to IOU main office in Qatar.

Note: You are also required to send the signed disclaimer form and
Photocopy of Photo ID document to the IOU India office along with the
scan of the HSC as IOU India will forward all these documents to Qatar
on your behalf.

Note: If the IOU India Representative finds any uncertainty in the
verification process of the certificates, IOU reserves the right to
cancel the admission of the student.

IOU India will charge a modest fee of Rs. 200/- for verification
process and forwarding the documents to Qatar. Those who have already
paid March 2011 semester fee may pay their certificate verification
fee along with Sep 2011 semester fee.

Please note that Certificate verification by IOU India office is
optional. Those who find it easy do the MEA attestation or have
already done the MEA attestation need not submit their documents to
IOU India office for verification.

However one of the two has to be done: MEA attestation or verification
by IOU India office.

The admission process has been made easy so that more students should
take the benefit of the BAIS degree course. Please forward this
message to others so that more students can avail the benefits of the

For more details contact IOU India:
Email:, Website:, Mobile: +91

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