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Illume Academy in association with IOU presents Mission Sharee'ah


Mission Sharee'ah

There is some other reason. Check!!!
Just 4 questions...
1. Why did Islaam prohibit Alcohol? Is it because it intoxicates? Not exactly! There is some other reason...
2. Why did Islaam prohibit Suicide? Is it because we are harming ourselves? Not exactly again! There is some other reason...
3. Why did Islaam prohibit Prostitution? Is it because it is an illegal relationship? Hmm. Not on the spot! There is some other reason...
4. Why did Islaam prohibit Riba (Usury)? Is it because it is taking other's wealth unlawfully? Closer but not precise! There is some other reason...

Why should you attend?

  • To understand the general framework of the Sharee'ah and the entire visualization of Islam
  • To recognize the wisdom/objectiveness/rational nature behind laws and texts of Sharee'ah
  • To understand whether we should take the law by its spirit or by the text
  • To realize how Sharee'ah operates upon a single system in which there is no contradiction
  • To understand how Sharee'ah cannot become outdated

About the Speaker

Abu Abd Allah Imtiyaz Damiel was born in Blackburn, England; and he is married, with two children. He completed five years of an Alim training course and A-levels in Blackburn. He then went on to complete a BA Hons degree in Arabic and Islaamic studies at the University of Leeds.
In 2003 he completed a diploma in Arabic and Islaamic studies after which he completed another BA Hons degree in Islaamic studies, specialising in Hadeeth & Tafseer at King Saud University in Riyadh. He is currently still at King Saud University where he is enrolled in the Masters program in Hadeeth & Tafseer.
His thirst for knowledge had earlier taken him to study in San'a and Toronto as well. His other areas of study include educational & child psychology, orientalism and comparative religions. Sheikh Imtiyaz has also worked as chief editor for a number of organisations and is presently an instructor at Knowledge International University. He has also written over thirty articles and research papers. In his spare time he likes swimming, football and reading. He is also an avid book collector.
Mission Sharee'ah

Workshop Details

Date: 9th & 10th, Apr, 2011
Time: 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM IST (GMT + 5:30)
Venue: Hotel Abu Palace, Poonamallee High Road, Kilpauk, Chennai - India

To Register

Send "MS [space] Your name [space] Your E-Mail" to (91)9486779761
Click Here for registering online
Note: You can also attend the entire workshop online*
* - Only those who reside in a city/town other than the place where the workshop takes place are allowed to attend the workshop online

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