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Dr. Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips

Dr. Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips 
(Chancellor of Islamic Online University) 

Name : Dr. Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips (formerly known as Dennis Bradley Philips).

Short Biography :
Dr. Bilal Philips is a Jamaican Canadian Islamic Scholar who was born in a Christian family but converted to Islam in the early seventies from Communism.

About his personal life :
Son of Jamaican parents born on 7th, July, 1947 in Jamaica, he grew up in Canada and lived and studied in Malaysia. He is the father of 20 Muslim children and has a black belt in Tai Kwon Do and currently studies Tai Chi. Among the more notable aspects of his academic life is that he sat in the circles of famous Hadith scholar, Shaikh Naaseer udeen Albani for 4 years in Madinah (1976-1980), as well as the circles of the famous Mufti of Saudi Arabia, Shaikh Ibn Baz in both Madinah and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He also translated for both Shaikh Ibn Baz and Shaikh Ibn Jibreen on numerous occasions.

Know more about him :
His Educational Qualifications :
  1. PhD, Islamic Studies from Wales University, Wales, UK in 1994.
  2. MA, Islamic Theology (Aqeedah) from Riyadh University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 1985.
  3. BA, Usool ud-Deen (Islamic Studies) from Islamic University of Madeenah, Madeenah, Saudi Arabia in 1980.
  4. Completed his graduation in Bio-Chemistry from Simon Fraser, Canada in 1971.
    His professional history:
    1. Teacher of Islamic studies for 10 years in Manaret Riyadh Islamic High School, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (1980-1989).
    2. Lecturer of Arabic and Islamic studies in the American University in Dubai, UAE, for another 7years (1995-2002).
    3. Founding director of the Islamic Information Center in Dubai (1994-2002).
    4. Founding head of the Islamic Online University (2000)
    5. Founder and former head of the Islamic studies department of Preston University (2002), Ajman, UAE,
    6. Islamic consultant for the Qatar Guest Center, the Da’wah Wing of Sh. Eed Charity in Doha, Qatar, (2003-2009).
    7. Founder and head of the Islamic Studies Academy (2007), Doha, Qatar,
    8. Founder and former head of the English medium Islamic studies department of Knowledge International University (2008), Riyadh.
    9. Founder and head of the College of Da’wah and Islamic Culture (English Section), Omdurman Islamic University, Sudan (2009-present).
    10. Director of PERF [Professional Education and Research Foundation] and supervising director of Preston International College and Al-Fajr International School, Chennai, India.
      His Books and lectures :

      Books :
      He has written, translated and commented on over 50 published books on various Islamic topics. He has also edited and published the 56 book Eemaan reading series for children. Among them his personal favourites are Fundamentals of Tawheed, Tafseer of Surah Al- Hujrat, and the Exorcist Tradition in Islam.

      Dr Bilal has presented Islamic programs for a number of years on Riyadh Channel 2TV, Sharjah Channel 2TV for ten years, as well as Peace TV, Huda TV, Islam Channel, UK, and The Deen Show, Chicago, USA.

      Video and audio Lectures:
      His current status:
      • Director of Preston International College, Chennai, India
      • Lecturer in Islamic Studies (English Section), Knowledge International University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
      • Dean of the Islaamic Studies Academy, Doha, Qatar
      • Chancellor of Islamic Online University
      • Head of College of Dawah (English Branch), Omdurman Islamic University, Sudan
      His Websites: 
      Contact him at:
      Email Ids:

      Speak to him at:

      Postal address:
      PO Box 22206
      Doha, Qatar

      Author’s view: He spend most of his time in arranging educational tools for  Muslim students throughout the world, therefore it can be said that he is mostly involved in spreading Islamic education.

      All praise is due to Allah SWT. And Allah SWT knows the best and is ultimate source of strength.
      (This article is edited by Dr. Aboo Ameenah Bilal Philips, himself )

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