Friday, May 20, 2011

Tips On Writing Islamic Articles

Tips On Writing Islamic Articles
By Br. Imran Ayub (IOU Facilitator) 
1. Always start in the name of Allah. Purify your intentions and remember your aim is to educate and not attack or spread falsehood

2. Make sure the topic you wish to cover is something new. There is no need to flood the net with articles on the same issues (using the same content) if there are many un-tackled issues.

3. Try to make it short and to the point. However, don’t leave important details out. Make sure it is comprehensive. The aim should be to answer the reads questions and not leaving him asking even more.

4. All work must be referenced. This means all Ayats, ahadeeth, Athar, even scholarly comments, must be referenced and authenticated. Remember that it is sinful to spread lies and fabricated information

5. Do use works of the people of knowledge. If you work lacks scholarly information, it will always feel incomplete.

6. Plagiarism is unacceptable and credit must be given to whom it is due.

7. Use clear fonts and try to differentiate between the Ayats and Ahadeeth.

8. Its good to have your work checked by someone more knowledgeable before passing it on.

9. Use paragraphs and always check your grammar and spelling.

10. Use a structure format. For example, if you are tackling the issue of ‘Raising the Hands in Salah’, start of by explaining the issue, next bring scholars opinions, show their proofs (Qur'an, ahadeeth, etc.) and authenticities, and finally conclude with the strongest opinion.

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