Sunday, June 5, 2011




In the bygone days of 1947, to Christian parents in Jamaica
A child named "Dennis Bradley Philips" was born with the "fitrah"
He was told that God had a son - And Jesus was his saviour,
His ancestry leads to a grandfather, who was a Bible scholar

He was supposed to be the inheritor of the deviated clan
But his CREATOR was the Most Merficiful, Who had a different plan
Days turned into years and this young man who once loved the guitar
Was not satisfied with the life he was living, for it was not truly up to par

He began to look for truth, in the way which is every soul's duty
His eyes were cooled with its essence, his heart was cleansed with its purity
The words of his Creator gave him advice, the Seerah gave him peace
At the age of 24 he embraced Islaam, and thereby defeated Iblees!

He thanked the Almighty for guiding him, for saving him from the fall
It was Allaah who had guided him in the journey from Dennis to Bilal
His love for knowledge made him study more and more
And he gained wisdom and degrees in his endeavor

His faith in Allaah kept him strong, he had ups and downs all the way
He was accused, he was blasphemed - but it did not lead him astray
With subtle words he answered every critic, he proved his points
That one can't mislead the one whom for righteousness Allaah appoints!

With the true teachings of Islaam, he wanted to educate the ummah
To please Allaah alone, Who would add to his pleasures of Jannah
This gave birth to a place of learning on the internet - a human invention
Praise be to Allaah, Who has given such skills to man - the best of HIS Creation!

The knowledge of deen imparted through the best of instructors
The devoted tutorial assistants with a surplus of parameters
The atmosphere so relaxing that it rejuvenates the soul
The most affordable of its kind, costing negligible on the whole

A source of knowledge for anybody from anywhere
Covering the globe slowly, reaching everywhere
The comfort of the family is no more to be sacrificed
Sitting inside the house is where you are Islamicized!

Stroke by stroke, like ABCs, you are taught the Arabic alphabet
In no time you will learn the language of Qur'an, if you are dedicated
From the basics of Islaam to the mastering of its sciences
There is a team of experts monitoring all advances

Brothers, learn here that the best of you is the one best to his family
Sisters, learn how liberated you are by preserving your modesty
Irrespective of your religion, your nation, your creed
You are welcome to join it, pay some serious heed!

Parents who want to guide your children to the path to Jannah
Spouses who want to walk hand in hand towards Jannah
For every Muslim who wants to succeed in pleasing Allaah
This place is for everyone who wants to know WHO IS ALLAAH!

Every student of this institution has a silent prayer in the heart
May Allaah bless the founder and every supporter for this start
May Allaah make it a source of knowledge which pleases Him
May Allaah make it a source of purification of what displeases Him

Come, join the family of Muslims who are learning at this place
Its existence and its success is due to Allaah's Mercy and His Grace
The symbol of Universal brotherhood - a unity in diversity
Spreading its wings all over the globe - Islamic Online University!

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