Saturday, June 4, 2011

Volunteers Required.

Peace be upon you.

Attention all students and professionals of Digital Marketing. I need to form a group of enthusiasts willing to learn and implement their skills for the sake of Allah and to serve His deen.

Today Digital Marketing has geared the wide scope. In every field we need Promotional strategies to enhance our reach and internet is the best option available in contemporary times.

If you will contemplate, you will realize that Dawah is a form of Advertising or promoting Allah’s deen, Isn’t it?

If you are interested in Islam and Digital Marketing, this message is for you. Here is an attempt to learn various tools and tips of Digital Marketing and try to implement them for the sake of Allah’s deen.

Your assistance is required here:

  1. Digital Marketing Assistant: This is for students and professionals of advertising/digital marketing to grow and glow your skills. If you are interested, Please fill this form to proceed.Here

  1. Media Assistant: This is for anyone having sound knowledge of Internet to assist me in IOU work. If interested, write me an email.

I will evaluate your request and respond you as required.

Online Promotion Assistant,
Islamic Online University.

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