Saturday, July 2, 2011

Who is your Fellow American? The climate of suspicion towards our fellow American Muslims compromises the great values that our country was founded upon.

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Please note that, while we invite your comments, the My Fellow American Channel was created to offer a new narrative about Muslims in America and offer people a safe platform to discuss their opinions. While we invite healthy debate, the comment portion of the channel is not intended as a forum for personal attacks and destructive postings. If that is your intention in commenting, we ask that you go elsewhere. Further, because this is intended to be a community friendly channel, we ask that you also refrain from the use of expletives when commenting.

Our guidelines include:
1. To speak personally, for yourself as an individual, not as a representative of a religion or a group,
2. Avoid assigning intentions, beliefs, or motives to others.
3. Ask others questions instead of stating untested assumptions about them. If you comment in a respectful way our channel can be a positive environment for productive dialogue.

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