Friday, March 18, 2011

Dr. Muhammad Anwar Sahib

Dr. Muhammad Anwar Sahib, Ph .D, New Zealand.
Instructor and TA of Fiqh 102
Islamic Online University

Dr. Muhammad Anwar Sahib Almadani is a Fiji born, kiwi (New Zealand) Islamic scholar. He started to study at Madeenah Islamic University at the age of 14. After completing Arabic language course and high school he completed his BA in Islamic studies. Later on he completed his masters and PhD (1999) in Quranic science from the same university. He has authored a few books in Arabic and English that are yet to be published. He has presented Islamic programs on Voice of Islam, New Zealand and various radio channels.

He has coordinated many Islamic courses in various countries:
New Zealand, Australia, Fiji and Papua New Guinea. He has attended many conferences locally and aboard. He is a founder member and chairman of AtTaqwa Trust, Auckland, New Zealand. His roles include that of Imaam, Khateeb and religious advisor. He is also the Secretary for the Ulama board of New Zealand and advisor for Halaal issues to the NZ government.


  1. one of the best sheikh instructor :) love been in his class, May Allah bless him.

  2. MashaAllah pleased to find this online.uni.
    I would like to study.Wslm Abdullah

  3. may allah bestow him and us both

  4. I am currently enrolled in his class (Fiqh 102). His sense of humor combined with his excellent discussion of Islamic Jurisprudence lightens up the class atmosphere. I always look up to attending his Live Sessions and the recorded sessions as well.
    May Allah continually bless him and the IOU.