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Dawah Tips

Dawah Tips
In the name of Allah,  The Most Merciful, The Dispenser of Mercy.

    * Start a blog and write about Islam in any language whether in English (a global language) or in your mother tongue, Inshallah it will be more beneficial to write in your native language. Although your blog will be just a drop in the ocean, but small things make differences, believe it or not but it works. And be sure about naming them which attracts non Muslims in special, such as peace, truth, personality development etc. Whether it benefits anybody or not, it will surly benefit you, in getting rewards from Almighty Allah SWT and in increasing your Islamic knowledge, Alhamdulillah it is a universal principle.
    * Visit regularly yahoo answers or similar forum. These are the places where people ask same questions on Islam again and again. Some even asks some serious questions. Answer them because you will never know that maybe be someone get right picture of Islam and accept Islam due to your answers. First of all write a beautiful and error free draft and then post it in forum, don’t use anything contradictory or confusing. Use polite words such as sister\ brother and peace be upon you etc. Don’t write too long article it bores people. And above principle applies here also.
    * Donate Islamic books new and old among Muslims and non Muslims, because there are vast majority of people who seriously wants to seek Islamic knowledge, but due to lack of money, genuine scholars and resources get deprived of authentic Islam.
    * Recommend authentic websites in your emails, web articles etc. Such as etc which  presents vast variety of articles of common interest.
    * Swap words like namaste or good morning with peace be upon you or Assalam alaikum, God with Allah etc.
    * Use your physical personality for dawah, as it is best way to make people understand what is Islam. Action speaks louder then words. In modern world people have less time to hear but they can see everything, anyway. Girls on hijab and boys with beard or pants above ankles makes people curious about Islam. They will surly ask about hijab and beard, this will be good opportunity to tell them about Islam.
    * Prophet Muhammad PBUH, he is our guiding principle. He spend 40 years before declaring prophet hood in building moral character and spreading love and truth. His whole life is based on love and mercy, of course he is mercy for the worlds. Almighty Allah made love and mercy more powerful weapon to spread truth then any other thing. Call people with love and mercy, greet them salam, take special care of neighbor, fellow passengers etc. In special, talk sweet words with poor, orphans, widows, oppressed, children, handicaps and depressed. Talk people with useful talks, people like talking and often talking solves problems.
    * Use modern invention such as mobile, ipod, computer, internet etc for spreading Islam. Be creative and innovate ideas. Send cards and prepare colorful presentation to spread the truth. Be sure to use authentic references, because it works. Today’s world is awesome, you can learn anything to everything even “learn how to learn”, it is era of research and innovation, you can almost learn anything about everything, use this privilege of Almighty Allah SWT on us to spread Islam.
    * Obey public rules which don’t contradicts with Islam such as No Parking or Do not throw garbage or traffic rules etc whether anybody is watching you or not. This will help them to know that Muslims are disciplined and obedient people, unlike most of people which break public rules and bother others. Avoid doing anything which misrepresent Islam specially in public place, you and me know this fact very well that Islam is the religion of peace and truth, then why misrepresenting it?
    * Gift people Islamic or factual books, audio or video on occasions like birthday, anniversary, festivals etc, which can help them to remember and recognize their creator. Books dealing contemporary Islamic issues are best. If possible present people good tafsir of Quran and sahih hadith in their original language. Make it habit to gift Quran to people on any occasion like marriage etc whether Muslim or non Muslim even to your family members.
    * Use your talents and skill in explaining Islam whether you are doctor, lawyer or accountant. Combine your skills with its Islamic concept. If you are accountant, learn and teach about Islamic finance and so on. Believe and act on islamaization of everything.
Some more points

• Be sure to be pure in intention, if you are non practicing Muslim or cultural Muslim, you dawah is useless for yourself.
• Spread only thing which you yourself inquired about and you are certain about, thing you believe and practice.
• Do not use haram means, ridicules and nonsense to spread Islam. Such as you cannot spread Islam with music.
• Supplicate Almighty Allah about anything to everything halal, because of course we are just His dependents, we cannot create we can only discover which has already been created.
• Obey Allah’s command and follow way of His messenger then only above can benefit us.
• People observe and forget, pain or happiness but Almighty Creator do not forget anything, your slightest effort for his sake will not be wasted, you will get reward on the day of Judgment.
• Do not become like one of them, to make them understand Islam, it will not going to work.
• First priority, preserve your faith then call others to Islam. Almighty Allah has ordered us some priorities, follow them in sequence, and first of all preserve rights of Almighty Allah and then parents and family and hijab and so on.
• Be bold and do not confuse, have faith on Almighty Allah, be daee like Dr Zakir Naik and Shaikh Ahmed Deedat.
• Do not call people to any group or sects; call them to glorious Quran and Prophet’s tradition.
• Be strict in following your religion, weakness in your practicing Islam will adversely affect dawah process.
• Do not imitate them in wrong things this will motivate them in their disbelieve.
• This is not your race with fellow daee, this if your race up to standard that is Quran and sunnah.
• Be regular in dawah.

And Allah knows the best.
(This article is written by Aiyesha Humaira and is also published in as'ee )

Aiyesha Humaira

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