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How to satisfy Islamic needs of current Muslim society.

How to satisfy Islamic needs of current Muslim society.
Authored by Marketing Manager 
Islamic Online University.

1. Proper Islamic upbringing of children.
Children are our future and best among humans are true believers of Islamic monotheism. Therefore we can say children are future of Islam. No society could stand without fellow humans who corporate with one another. Success of human race is Islam. Let’s make our children eligible to take the responsibility of success of human race by teaching them laws of Almighty Allah, both natural and spiritual. This process is neither easy enough to be ignored nor difficult enough to give up.

2. Learning Arabic language.
Believe it or not it is major mistake of contemporary Muslim Ummah, that they do not learn Arabic language in its totality. Almighty creator decided Arabic for His final revelation, by His perfect wisdom. Only Almighty Allah can take best decision for us and he does not want hardship for us, he wants ease for us; only he is the most merciful on his creation.

Can any language really take place of Arabic? No. Around the globe it is conspiracy against Quran to abolish Arabic from non Arabs by anti Islam. But Muslim around the globe should keep it in mind, specially non Arabs, beauty of Quran and Sunnah and thus Islam lies in Arabic, no other language can ever beautify Quran as Arabic do, because Almighty Allah has decided Arabic for Quran and indeed He is the Most Wise, the Most Merciful.

Learn Arabic, it is easy and indeed most beautiful language as you can say lots of things in least number of words. Besides that Arabic is systematic language, it follows simple and common formula in pronunciation, spelling, grammar etc and therefore easy to learn. Learn Arabic to save Quran, to save Islam and to save human.

3. Avoiding cable TV

Television is indeed one of greatest invention of twentieth century. With audio visual aid, TV lays better impact on human brains than any other thing. At the same time, frequent repetition of same thing preserve information in permanent memory. And thus it is tremendous aid in spreading knowledge and education.

But unwise use of anything can be disastrous. All types of shamelessness, crime, ridicules etc became common features of cable TV. In the name of entertainment we are buying downfall of our civilization.

By showing all types of ridicules, advertiser are advertising adultery, murder, breakup of family ties, slander, backbites, nakedness, polytheism,  lies and tons and tons of other evils. People learn to believe in and act in unnatural relation between opposite sexes, especially young minds. Besides that, modern cable channels propagate Darwinism and atheism. This leads young Muslim minds to lose their faith.

Not all the TV programs are evil, but most of them are. It is easy to get attracted towards evil then good. Therefore it is always better to say no to cable TV and use TV set according to your own will, not the will of advertisers of evil. Watch prerecorded good programs on VCR or DVD player. It will help in absolute avoidance of evil and pure and clean entertainment and education.

4. Developing love for Islam to avoid temptation of western culture.

Believe it or not in modern world there only exists two cultures, Islamic culture and western culture. Western culture impose ridicules in the name of freedom such as homosexuality, nakedness etc. Most of people living life according to western culture are sufferer of depression, tension, anxiety, suicide etc besides having money, freedom etc.

Islam promotes strong human development both at indivisible and social level, both at mental and physical level, spiritual and material level. We human should have a proper way of life to live happy life. Best thing about Islam is that it is made by the Creator of human beings. Who is going to decide, who has authority to say what is right and what is wrong? Why any other human will decide anything for me? Do you think in such a situation we will ever be able to get pure harmony, I think no. Islam is the standard, created by our Creator, He knows us and our needs and habits; because He has created us and therefore only He can decide best code of life for us.

Essence of Islam is the truth, follow truth what your heart guides you; you will never be satisfied with wrong things. Another best thing about Islam is that Islam stops evil, even before its initial stage. Hijab is its example, Hijab stops adultery and fornication even before its first stage. Surely Islam is the best constitution for us, and if you agree, than enter in it fully and respect it and love it, to compete with temptation build by its rival.

5. Avoiding music, interest, etc which is also haram or forbidden.

As a Muslim we do not consume alcohol and pork because it is prohibited for us by Almighty Allah, then why musical instruments and interest (usury), it is also prohibited. As a Muslim child we are raised in family where our elders do not consume alcohol and pork, but often our elder are involved in transaction of usury or interest, musical filmy song with vulgar lyrics, improper Hijab and thus often our young minds copy their elders in same ill fashion, tell me whom you are worshiping, Almighty Allah or your elders. If you are worshipper of Allah SWT then please resist from all prohibition.

6. Stop wastage of resources.
As a Muslim, we are least involved in wastage of resources, why? Because in Islam there is absolutely no room for wastage of resources, wastage and extravaganza are prohibited in Islam, whether it be festivals or common days. It is obligatory on us, to conserve resources, anything to everything. Therefore, we should fulfill our duty of conservation of resources and take only what is in our absolute need so that other can fulfill their necessities. It will help is abolishing poverty and inequality from face of earth.

7. Tolerating fellow humans.
Intolerance is among one of major problems of contemporary world. Due To lack of tolerance between people, caused wars between countries and civilizations, which results decline of precious human civilization.

8. Following Quran and Sunnah (Prophetic tradition):
Quran is single but best user manual for most complex machine called human and Sunnah i.e, prophetic tradition is best demo for human beings. If we decline to follow our best user manual and best demo, we will fail to become better humans.

9. Avoiding ancestor’s blind following.
Indeed every human errs, so it is better not to follow fallible but  follow infallible , i.e. Quran and Sunnah because both of them are divinely guided, the infallible God, Almighty Allah Lord of the worlds, indeed dominion of earth and heavens belong to Allah SWT.

10. Try to combine nature and technology with Islam.

This is yet another problem that Muslim Ummah is not using resources in their best usage. Allah has created various resources for us, so that we can use them for our successful life here and in hereafter. “Surely, O Allah gives us knowledge which is beneficial, resources which is lawful and deeds which are acceptable by you”. May Allah stops us from doing something which He don’t like us to do and may He encourages us to do what He likes us to do.
All the good is from Allah and all mistakes are from Shaytan and myself. 
And Allah knows the best. 

Marketing Manager, 
Islamic Online University.

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